Jitters, Hoaxes & Rumours

AND Alhambra OnLUnfortunately, the Barcelona terrorist attacks have spawned irresponsible online hoaxes about attacks across the country, especially in Granada.

I didn’t help that Daesh has threatened Granada because of its historical significance, and Andalucia in general, which only makes it far worse when users on WhatsApp made false claims about attacks on supermarkets in the city.

One woman on Facebook yesterday claimed that terrorists had let off smoke bombs in the Alhambra. One women, warning people to stay away from there, for example. She claimed that she had heard it from her daughter. Another user added that there were “helicopters controlling the area.”

In all of these cases, the claims were false. i.e., witting or unwitting hoaxes.

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Editorial comment: terrorists have the inestimable help of rolling-news programmes that bludgeon us with images of attack scenes and accounts from witnesses, Ad nauseam, as well as hoaxers and gullible rumour spreaders.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucía)

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