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Changes to The Site

By Martin Myall

We posted on facebook the other day that we have made it possible to post comments under articles here without having to log in. Here's why. »

The Nude Policeman Case

By Hugh MacArthur

The Deputy-Chief of municipal police in Motril was not happy with photos that one of his men had posted on facebook so he took him to court. »

Offensive Cantarriján Video

By Vivienne Hughes

The Chairman for the Asociación de Amigos de la Playa Nudista de Cantarriján has criticised a video on social media, namely Facebook. »

No Heineken Freebies!

By Martin Myall

Online scams are abundant; everything from Nigerian princes wanting to give you a cut of their wealth, to duff online purchases. Here's the latest. »

Jitters, Hoaxes & Rumours

By Martin Myall

(GIL) Unfortunately, the Barcelona terrorist attacks have spawned irresponsible online hoaxes about attacks across the country, especially in Granada. »

Child Images & Social Media

By Maria Teresa Velasco

Use common sense when posting pictures of your children: If you are a parent and your child asks that you to remove their picture from Facebook, do not resist: it is their legal right. »

Hate on the Net

By Martin Myall

Social media is nature's way of letting the idiotic and despicable immolate themselves in public. Read on. »

Almuñécar Girl in Trouble

By Vivienne Hughes

The Internet social networks are busy with the fate of an Almuñécar woman under house arrest in Colombia. Her name is Alejandra. »

Libel Against Police Punished

By Hugh MacArthur

A local magistrate in Motril has found a man guilty of publishing defamatory comments about the Policia Local on facebook. »

Does Net Neutrality Exist?

By Zen2net

As progressive and altruistic as it may be, it is not as simple as it sounds; many extenuating circumstances come into play, of which ‘net neutrality’ is a key point to be addressed. »

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