New-Style Gazette at Printer

May Gaz PDFThe May 2017 edition of the Seaside Gazette is now at the printer and will be out on the streets next week – however, you can download it right now.

There is not one article in the paper edition that has appeared online, so it’s content will be completely new to online readers.

And of course, for the paper-edition readers who finish its news sections and want more news, then they can visit this online edition.

Everybody wins.

This is very much a work-in-progress, so we would appreciate all feedback from anybody that downloads one of these new Gazettes.

Remember that the online PDF – now of a greater and clearer quality – will set you back a crippling one euro – but cutting back to bread and water for a month to be able to afford it will be worth it!

There is also the option of the annual download voucher, which costs you ten euros, meaning you can eat normally for two months with the saving…

The Seaside Gazette Team 😉

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