Floating Platform Runs Aground

AND Floating PlatformA rig platform appeared floating off the Málaga coast before going aground in front of Benalmádena on Playa Benalnatura next to a hotel.

There were worries amongst the onlookers that it might be swept up against the Puerto Marina seawall by the gale-driven waves, but in the end its ‘landing’ was uneventful.

Even so, many people took photographs, including the Mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, as well as videos that were later posted on Youtube (See below).

The structure (a gabarra in Spanish) is 43 metres long with a 2-metre draught and is registered in Bilbao. It has a 20-metre high superstructure. It also has a name plate: Argonauta Bilbao.

It was being towed by the tug, Monte da Luz heading for Málaga port but the heavy seas parted the steel cable.

The Málaga Port Authorities have reassured that there is no danger of an oil spill as it has no fuel other than 150 litres for an electricity generator used for navigation lights etc.

The Maritime Authority had taken charge of the situation, using two tugs and a maritime rescue launch, Alnita. One of them, the Monte de Luz, had managed to get a cable to it, but as said above it  snapped. The platform carries no crew.

(News: Benalmadena, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – Photo: Mayor of Benalmádena)

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