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Gaz online new logoThe Seaside Gazette has online readers; some 4,000 monthly visitors generating 9,000 visits, clicking on the website from literally all over the world.

Around 45% visit us from the UK and another 45% from Spain. The remaining 10% come from the USA, Canada, and then Scandinavia, and Northern Europe.

Now, a good part of the Spain ‘clickers’ live within the distribution area of the paper edition of the Seaside Gazette, meaning that they have already read most of the news in the paper edition even before they have picked it up.

The solution is have two separate contents; one for the online and one for the paper edition, both of which make up the whole: The Seaside Gazette.

Yet both sets of readers have access to the other content; if you pick up the paper edition, there is nothing to stop you clicking on the online edition to pick up the news as it happens, because we put up between two and three articles every day of the year; 365 days, come rain or shine.

And if you are an online reader outside the paper-edition distribution area, then just download the PDF copy of the Seaside Gazette and read the ‘where to’ features, the medical, legal and the Scandinavian ones, the cultural agendas: music, plays, conferences, etc. And there is plenty of photos, as well as tips and insights.

The Seaside Gazette has been around since 1993 as a physical monthly magazine and since 2009 as a reliable, online source of local news for the Costa Tropical.

We’re still here and we’re changing with the times, keeping ahead of the changes brought about by the social media, giving you a good paper-edition read; not just adverts justified by a smattering of internet download snippets.

We hope and trust that you will be delighted by the changes in your favourite, Costa Tropical news magazine, because we’re the looney Gazette team and we’re still untamed after all of these years.

The Seaside Gazette Team

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