A Kiss and Goodbye

AND Cordoba EasterThe Semana Santa brotherhood, Hermandad del Descendimiento in Córdoba is taking disciplinary action against a female Easter, throne bearer.

“She took selfies, spoke on her mobile, dressed in the brotherhood robes, whilst kissing another girl,” complained the brotherhood, adding that she was expelled from the Good Friday procession for “maintaining and persisting in a disrespectful and bad-mannered attitude.”

The brotherhood communique states that this behaviour goes completely against the rules of the brotherhood and against the “serious spirit and posture needed for carrying the procession.”

For these reasons, they state, not only was she expelled from the procession itself on Good Friday, but that they will also be carrying out disciplinary action against their “Nazarene Sister.” They apologise to those who might have felt offended by her behaviour.

Editorial comment: Yet another inroad by the ever-present mobile phone into today’s social fabric. Many throne bearers will tell you the kind of things that go on, out of view, under the throne; joking around and less-than religious antics. Therefore, you may ask yourself whether it was the kiss, rather than the phone use, that provoked this strident reaction.

Having said that, taking part in a solemn religious procession and robed up is not the place to take selfies – a member of the public doing so is another matter. If as a throne bearer you’re not going to take is seriously, then don’t participate.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Cordoboa, Andalucia)

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