Excursionist Group Rescued

ALP PitresA total of eleven adults and four minors had to be rescued in the Alpujarra after they became lost in the snow.

The group, which was from Sevilla, had been walking between La Tahá de Pitres and Capilera on Saturday the 11th when they became lost.

One of their number used his mobile phone to obtain their exact location and pass it on to the Guardia Civil – it was 21.20h.

With 30cm of snow and adverse weather conditions, the Guardia Civil sent patrols out from Capileira, Órgiva and Pinos del Valle.

The group was finally found on a track that links Peñablanca and Acequia Alta, which is above Capileira.

The police physically carried the minors over a kilometre to the nearest patrol cars and from there they were taken to the medical centre in Pitres and treated for hypothermia.

(News: Capileira, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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