Armed Father Arrested

MOT Domestic Violence OnLA young girl phoned the police in Motril to say that her father was beating up her mother at home and that he was armed. Four municipal policemen rushed to the address in the Los Álamos district of the town.

This is just the latest case of domestic violence in Motril, this time involving the alleged 31-year-old aggressor, the victim, two young daughters and an elderly grandparents, one of whom is an Alzheimer’s sufferer.

When the police arrived they were warned by one of the children that her father was upstairs, armed and had barricaded himself into one of the bedrooms.

The police evacuated the children and the maternal grandparents, as well as the victim.

The municipal police remained on the premises to prevent him escaping until the Policía Nacional arrived. Fortunately, before they decided to force their way in, he decided to give himself up.

The man was arrested, cuffed and packed off whilst the girls’ mother was taken to the hospital for a medical examination. The grandparents were returned to the house with the young girls.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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