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Woman Found Dead

MOT Calle Travesía del Santísimo

The body of a woman was found Saturday night in her home in Motril showing some signs of violence. Her live-in partner has since been arrested.

Justified Homicide?

SPN Justified Homicide OnL

Daniel took a shotgun to his father, Ángel Cortés Solana (68), who had been making his mother’s life, a misery for 40 years – he shot him whilst he slept.

Woman Found Dead in Granada

The woman was found on Saturday night after a call from a man on the 112 emergency services line, saying that he had found the woman dead on the floor of the premises in Veronica de la Magdalena in the centre of Granada.

Fiddler on the Roof

A man, who had a court order that forbade him from approaching within 150 metres of his wife, was found on the roof of his wife’s home in Alhama de Granada.