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Pole Shot at Almería Airport

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil brought down a man with a shot to the leg at Almería Airport on the morning of the 14th. »

Al Campo Raided

By Vivienne Hughes

Three hooded men broke into Al Campo in Motril in the early hours of yesterday and raided the mobile-phone shop, The Phone House »

Armed Father Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

A young girl phoned the police in Motril to say that her father was beating up her mother at home. Four municipal policemen rushed to the address in the Los Álamos district of the town. »

Fearless Car Thieves

By Hugh MacArthur

Three armed men decided that they needed a car, and the best choice was a nearby car with two occupants. Trouble was, it was an unmarked police car... trouble that is, for the policemen. »

Armed Kidnapping in Lújar

By Martin Myall

Anybody that's been to this village the other side of Motril would not expect its only bar to have been the scene of a kidnapping at gunpoint. »

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