Fakes Sister-in-Law’s Kidnapping

The police arrested two men and the fiancee of one of them, who pretended to have been kidnapped to obtain a ransom from her sister-in-law-to-be.

Sounds complicated? It is. Read on! The brother, together with another male accomplice tried to obtain 50,000 euros in ransom from his own sister, claiming that his fiancee had been kidnapped and that if the money were not paid, she would be sold into a prostitution ring.

Who needs enemies when you have a family, right?

The Guardia Civil began its investigations when they received a report from a Moroccan women, residing in Málaga, to say her sister-in-law had been kidnapped. She told them that she had received phone calls, demanding money for her release.

She told them that her sister-in-law-to-be (the marriage was as good as done and dusted), who lives in Ceuta, had travelled to Almería with another woman to see a doctor there. The other woman had returned but her sister-in-law had stayed on, which was when she was supposedly kidnapped.

The police were informed that the fraud victim had spoken by telephone with both a kidnapper and her sister-in-law, who had told her that she was being sexually abused and beaten and that she feared for her life.

The fraud victim had never met her sister-in-law in person, by the way.

She also told them that her brother had phoned, supposedly from Morocco, desperately pleading for her to pay the 50,000-euro ransom, but the police were already beginning to suspect that something fishy was going on.

Anyway, after tracing calls to a cortijo in El Ejido in Almería, they raided the dwelling and found that the whole thing had been false.

As a final twist – remember that the fraud victim had never met her sister-in-aw-to-be – the photo that she had been shown wasn’t of this woman at all, but from the internet where the woman to whom it really corresponded appeared on several webpages offering “relax services.”

(News: Almeria, Andalucia)

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