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Pines Under Attack

A micro-organism, native of North America and Japan is wiping out the pine forests across the country. From the moment of being attacked by this tiny invader, the tree doesn’t even last a month.

I’m An Immigrant

You know, I get just a little tired of the likes of Trump and UKIP going on about immigrants – I’m an immigrant; a Brit living his life in Spain.

Give The Woman Some Bacon!

US woman Shaneka Monique Torres has been given seven years in jail because she was so enraged at not getting any bacon on her cheeseburger from a McDonalds drive-through in Michigan that she fired a gun through the window.

Dog Shot Twice By Burglars

Leaping at the intruders, the pup was shot twice, once in the head and again in the shoulder. The head shot exited near Legend’s ear and the shoulder one came out near his hip. However, Legends attack on the intruders gave Shahan time to scream for help and the robbers fled… but not before

Ice With That?

It has been known for people of a nervous disposition to have a few drinks, just to ‘break the ice,’ but during an ice hockey match in Fargo, North Dakota, the guy who comes on to the ice on a resurfacer during the intermission, took this saying just a bit too far.

Crack Pipe Death

After being arrested on drugs charges in Polk County, Florida, in the US, April Rollison was given a body scan. The procedure clearly showed that she had two items hidden in her vagina. She was then taken from Polk County Jail to a nearby hospital.

Boyfriend Cat Cock-Up

There are mistakes one can make as a boyfriend that can get you in all kinds of trouble. However, we think that selling your girlfriend’s cat must rate quite high up the chart of ‘boyfriend fails.’

Shaggy Dog Story

So, what do you do when your roommate catches you having sex with her German Shepherd dog? Simple, you try to poison both your roommates so that nobody will ever find out.

Rapper Cuts Off Penis

The reasons behind this bizarre incident are still unclear, but what is clear is that Andrew Johnson, who performs as the rapper Christ Bearer, cut off his own penis and then threw himself off a second-floor balcony. The 40-year-old rapper somehow survived and has been left with serious injuries.