The Pleasant Hells

Close to the town of Loja, which is the capital of the Poniente de Granada, or western Granada, Río Genil runs through a 20m-deep canyon, after flowing over a waterfall called, Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail). It’s here where the waters of Manzanil, Terciado and Frontil, generated by the run off from the Sierras de Loja/Hacho, flow into to the Genil. The canyon is known as Los Infiernos, which doesn’t need much translating.

It’s worth a trip up there from the Costa Tropical before the end of Autumn because it is a relaxing and very green spot, with its willows, boxwood, elms and brambles.

The Town Hall has decided to promote this corner a bit and is planning to install a rope or hanging bridge across the gorge, which will join the mirador (look-out point) to the Barriada de La Esperanza; i.e., the edge of town.

For the intrepid, they are thinking of installing a ‘death slide’ or Tyrolean traverse/zip line from the mirador to the bottom – so why not invite your mother-in-law to come along on a day out up there?

(News: Loja, Poniente de Granada, Granada, Andalucia)

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