Folksy Baza

Up in the north-western corner of the province of Granada you won’t find many villages or roads – it’s the least populated area of the province, so you wouldn’t think that a lot happens up there, but you would be wrong. Baza, the area capital, hosts an international folk festival; the oldest festival in the province and one of the most important ones in Andalucia.

Of the 37,000 euros that the festival costs to run, only 7,000 comes in the form of grant; the rest comes out of the town’s coffers, so in these tough times, the merit for continuing to hold festival is greater.

The 27th International Folk Festival was opened by the town’s very own folk choir and dance group, followed by a troupe of 50 dancers with a display of Extremadura folk. Mind you, if you think a Spanish folk troupe is colourful, you should see the Ballet Kassoumay from Senegal.

Unfortunately, the National Dance Companies from Antigua and Bermuda couldn’t make it this year, but the Folklore Projection Group from Costa Rica could, and that was just the first day. There was a good turn out at the festival, despite a thunderstorm on afternoon, but most spectators and participants went away with determination to return next year.

(News: Baza, Altiplano, Granada, Andalucia)

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