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Running for Cancer Charity

By Martin Myall

Two brothers began a long-distance run today from Loja's Plaza de la Victoria to Salobreña, arriving tomorrow in support of the AECC to raise funds. »

The Riofrio Deluge

By Hugh MacArthur

Whilst Motril saw copious rainfall yesterday making Rambla de los Álamos rage, up in Riofrío a biblical deluge carved its way through the town. »

Air Accident in Loja

By Hugh MacArthur

The Civil Aviation Authority is investigating an air accident at the Loja airfield on the 26th of May where a light aircraft crashed. »

Light-Fingered Policeman?

By Martin Myall

A municipal policeman in Loja was put on trial mid-month April, accused of pocketing traffic-fine money. »

Shaky Evening

By Martin Myall

Yup! It was an earth tremor that you felt at 22.09h this evening, registering 2.4 on the Richter Scale. »

Loja Hike & Coming Walks

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar hiking group spend last Sunday visiting the Lojas area, or better said, stomping around the area. »

Polish Paraglider Dies

By Vivienne Hughes

A 52-year-old paraglider pilot from Poland died on the 23rd near Loja after plummeting some 100 metres. The accident occurred shortly after take off. »

Another Earth Tremor

By Hugh MacArthur

This time the earth shook up in Zafarraya in the Poniente area of Granada, registering 3.5 on the Richter Scale at 07.05h this morning, Saturday the 10th. »

Car Mechanic Arrested

By Martin Myall

A car mechanic in Loja has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after allegedly installing an incendiary device in a client's car. »

XII Paragliding Loja Meet

By Hugh MacArthur

There have been more than 200 participants in this annual paragliding event in Loja with flyers coming from as far afield as France and the UK. »

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