Ticketless Salobreña

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For a time, three or four years ago, before the crisis struck, Salobreña was looking forward to the long-promised bus station – something that the town has never had. Yet now, even the small ticket booth that stands forlornly on the corner next to the taxi rank has closed.

Consequently, locals must either purchase them through the Internet – many bus users are elderly, remember – or simply wait for the bus to arrive and pray that there is a seat, so that the driver can sell you one.

Nobody is particularly impressed; in fact, the Mayor and Co are livid, as are all the habitual bus users in the town.

The Mayor, Gonzalo Fernandez Pulido finds it incredible that a town of 13,000 souls; a number that triples in the high season, can be left without even a ticket office, let alone a bus station. Consequently, the Mayor is demanding of the bus consortium, (Nex Continental S.A., which includes, Alsa and Alsina Graells) that they immediately re-open the booth.

At the same time, the Mayor is pounding on the doors of the regional transport authorities, asking them to think again over the company’s licence and to see whether they have broken the terms of their licence through this action.

The fact is that the Town Hall can simply not understand why Nex Continental S.A. has taken this step, because it cannot have been taken to reduce staff costs because the man who was working in the booth is now working in Motril bus station.

There is a notice on the booth’s firmly closed window that says that it opens on Sundays and public holidays from 15.00h to 20.15h, which is very confusing as the announcement made by the transport company was that “it is not foreseen that it will be re-opened in the coming months.” Perhaps, they are thinking of turning it into a ‘holiday cortijo’ for staff on their days off?

And whilst on the subject of the Salobreña bus service, the Mayor has called for the winning party of the upcoming regional elections, be they PSOE or PP, to get their fingers out and build the bloody bus station for once and for all.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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