Swiss Tourist Defaces Alhambra

When it isn’t Jordanian Air Force personnel, it’s Swiss tourists that think that their scratched-on initials are more decorative than the original walls with exquisite Islamic calligraphy adornment. Is nothing sacred?

On the 7th of January, the Policía Nacional arrested a Swiss woman of Arab descent for carving a heart symbol with her initials on either side in the Cuarto Dorado (Golden Room).

One of the staff warned her to desist, but she carried on until she had finished her ‘work of art.’

The private security firm that looks after this world-famous monument immediately called the police, who promptly carted her off. Once at the police station she refused to make a statement, which is perfectly permissible under Spanish law. As the incident had occurred around half six in the evening and the police paperwork process wasn’t completed until after eleven… they threw the  women in the police cells for the night, pending appearing before a judge the next morning.

She was released the next day pending trial without bail conditions.

Back in November, as mentioned above, a Jordanian airman was also caught scratching his initials, but this time within the Palacio de Carlos V, which is attached to the Alhambra. The man was on an official, state mission in Sevilla, tasked with inspecting aircraft for possible purchase for the Royal Jordanian Air Force. The blighter was fined 400 euros after going through the embarrassment of a trial.

(News: Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia)

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