Que Pollas Pasa con Google?

Most foreigners have enough Spanish to recognise the second word in title as an offensive name corresponding to a male bodily appendage… or is it?

Well, the truth is that its ‘impact’ value as an oath corresponds roughly to the British one, ‘hell,’ which is certainly not taboo enough to set sensitive ladies barking or small dogs fainting, is it?

The truth is that the real translation of the article title is: What the Hell’s the Matter with Google and not: what knob passes with Google. You see, pollas is a very Granadina expression, which is why an Almuñécar lad has managed to design a Google, search-engine page as: Que Pollas Buscas – nothing pornographic there!

David Carbonell at first set up the customized Google search engine for fun, but he soon realised that it was attracting a lot of following, so now he is taking it seriously, himself.

What he did was to simply register the domain name quepollasbuscas.es on the 16th of November. Next day he logged on to his facebook and twitter accounts and was astounded that hundreds of people had left comments about it – after that it took off even further.

David, who was born in 1974, has always been ‘switched on’ where the Internet is concerned; back when he was studying at an English university he set up a web page with the photographs of all his university companions, which became very popular; so popular in fact that one day in Málaga airport he was approached by the parents of one of his fellow university students and they thanked him for posting the photographs of their son and such information as to what was on the menu at the university dining hall each day.

Anyway, that’s who created this very singular Google search engine, but now for more explanations about the very versatile word, pollas:

Spanish: Esto es la polla.
Literally: This is the knob.
Translation: This is great/the pits.

Spanish: Me suda la polla!
Literally: It makes my knob sweat!
Translation: I couldn’t give a damn!

Spanish: Que pollas!
Literally: What knobs!!
Translation: What the hell (or) no way!

Spanish: Vayamos a pollas que…!
Literally: That we should go to the knobs that…!
Translation: Just our luck if…!

Spanish: Deja de pollas!
Literally: leave out the knobs!
Translation: Stop farting around!

Spanish: Tócate la polla!
Literally: Grab your knob!
Translation: What utter rubbish!

Spanish: Y una polla!
Literally: And a knob!
Translation: No way!

And finally (but there are many more…)

Spanish: No me sale de la polla!
Literally: It does not come out of my knob!
Translation: Because I can’t be buggered! (which for our non-native English speakers is just as misleading…)

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia

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