Greener Puntalón

The Vice-Mayor, Nicolás Navarro, has been paying a visit to the Puntalón area, accompanied by the councillor in charge of it, Concepción Navarro, to check out how the gardening work is going.

All told, 5,000 sq/m of greenery in and around the Puntalón is getting a face lift, with grass and plants being planted.

Amongst the places receiving the green-finger touch is Calle Río Guadiato, where automatic sprinkler systems have been installed to water the newly planted grass. Calle Río Genil also had a drip-feed watering system install, whereas in Calle Río Bembezar a new green area has been created, combining garden and grass areas.

In addition, the Park on Calle Río Dauro has now has a computerised watering system with sensor that will stop a programmed watering session if it has rained or is raining.

Finally, the Vice-Mayor called on light-fingered locals to keep their thieving mitts of the plants, but couched in suitably politically correct terms.

(News: Puntalon, Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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