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Booby-Trapped Food for Pets

By Vivienne Hughes

At the end of summer last year the police alerted people to the fact that booby-trapped food was being left for pets in parks in several cities across the country. »

Salobreña’s Vandalism Problem

By Vivienne Hughes

Last year saw a large increase in vandalism in Salobreña, targeting public spaces such as parks and monuments, as well as municipal buildings. »

Motril Police Crack Down

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril put into motion during the second half of last month a scheme to deal with dangerous dog breeds and canine defications on public streets. »

Almuñécar Spring Timetable

By Louise Powell

The Tourism Board in Almuñécar has issued a new timetable for monuments, parks and museums, etc, which came into effect with the recent change over to summertime hour. »

New Exercise Machines in Calahonda

By Martin Myall

It would be nice to receive a photo from a town hall that wasn't clogged with politicians, but at least you can see one of the said apparatus somewhere between the ladies. »

Almuñécar Winter Parks & Monuments Timetable

By Louise Powell

A complete list of the opening times and entrance fees for Almuñécar's tourist attractions from the 1st of November to the 31st of March. »

Salobreña Palm-Tree Pruning

By Vivienne Hughes

The private company charged with maintaining public parks and gardens in Salobreña, ATHISA, has stepped up the pace of palm pruning. »

Almuñécar/Herradura Summer Tourist Information

By Vivienne Hughes

Summer opening hours and entrance fees for La Herradura and Almuñécar tourist attractions, 2014. »

Almuñecar & Herradura Monument/Museum Times

By Louise Powell

The Almuñécar Town Hall has issued a new Autumn/winter opening times table for the municipal monuments and museums, etc. »

Opening Times & Fees

By Martin Myall

The following is valid from the 1st of April until the 30th of June and covers the opening times and entrance fees for public monuments, museums and animal parks in Almuñécar and La Herradura. »

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