New Municipal Offices Near Castle

The residents of the San Miguel area (old town area around the Castle) of Almuñecar now have a local municipal office, which is located on Calle San Miguel, in what was the old school building. The office will be manned by the district councillor, Luis Aragón (PA) and will also double as the headquarters the council Environmental Services, which is another post held by the said councillor

The offices were officially opened yesterday (30th September) by the Mayoress, Trinidad Herrera, accompanied by Luis Aragon and other Town-Hall executives. The Mayoress spoke of the new facilities, “These offices are beneficial not just for the Castle area, but also for local people, as it will be much easier to reach Town-Hall staff. It’s always good if an administration can get closer to the citizens. These offices are a great step in that goal,” she explained.

She also intimated that this might not be the only such office in the future, “We may extend this idea to other areas, possibly using local social and cultural centres, which will also keep such centres alive in difficult times,” she said.

The Mayoress also mentioned other improvements in the administration’s approach to the public, such as a new tax office in La Herradura, “In La Herradura we will be creating a new Tax Office, because although much has been achieved with modern technology to assist the public, there is still a large part of the population that needs personal attention to clarify any issues relating to their taxes,” she said.

For his part, Luis Aragon said the commissioning of the new premises in Almuñecar’s oldest neighborhood, ‘was due to the demand and enthusiasm of the local residents of this district.’ Sr. Aragon explained, “Until now, the Environmental Services technicians had no offices where they could all work together on projects and now they have.”

After all the pomp and ceremony of the grand opening of the new offices, the Mayoress joined local people in the street fiestas celebrating San Miguel, and enjoyed local foods and beverages from the many street stalls erected for the fiesta period.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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