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Politicians’ Salaries Criticised

The IU councillor in the Almuñécar Town Council has called for the Mayoress, Trinidad Herrera, and chief opposition councillor (ex-mayor), Juan Carlos Benavides to take pay cuts. The IU councillor, Fermín Tejero, who called for this, rejected a salary upon taking up his post.

New Municipal Offices Near Castle

The residents of the San Miguel area (old town area around the Castle) of Almuñecar now have a local municipal office, which is located on Calle San Miguel, in what was the old school building.

Longer Town-Hall Hours

The Almunecar (Almuñécar) Town Hall has decided that its offices will be open for an extra 150 minutes each day to attend to the general public, starting from the 1st of October.

Almunecar PGOU Restart

The conservative (PP) Mayoress of Almunecar, Trinidad Herrera, has announced that her new administration will begin pushing the stalled PGOU for its final approval from the Junta de Andalucia.

Official Coaltion Announced

The new Mayoress of Almunecar called a press meeting this morning at 10am to announce that the PP had officially signed a pact with the PA to form a stable government.

Benavides Earned Less Than Claimed

It was often claimed that the ex-Mayor of Almunecar, Juan Carlos Benavides, earned a staggering 80,000 euros per annum; more than the Spanish Prime Minister, but according to his last tax declaration, the Town Hall paid him 66,447 euros.

The Mayoress Promises…

Trinidad Herrera made her intentions very clear during her acceptance speech, which drew enthusiastic applause from the packed-out public: she would base her term in office on three pillars: dialogue, dialogue & dialogue, meaning that there would be no more political tension between parties.

Expectant Almunecar…

Even on the very eve of the swearing-ceremony for the new mayor of Almunecar tomorrow, the 11th of June, nothing is certain… Well almost; Almunecar is certain to have its first ever mayoress.

Olly and Fred

Ironically enough (in the almost Alanis Morisette interpretation of the word) despite being nearly washed off the hillside by torrential rain, Olías and Fregenite are still without mains drinking water.