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Mountain Park Claims

ALM Bengal Tigers OnL

The mountain park, Peña Escrita, in Almuñécar, still has quite a few wild animals looking for a home, but some will never see the day – they have already died.

Litter Assessment

The Almuñécar Councillor for the Environment, Luis Aragón explained that after a detailed study concerning litter, his department had reorganized the distribution of litter bins – gripping stuff!

Sports Boost for Almuñécar

According to the Councillor for Sport, 2014 will be a special year for sports clubs in the Almuñécar municipality, as the princely sum of 93,000 euros has been committed to all the clubs in the local area…

Benny Revival?

The provincial headquarters of the PA – Benavides’ old party – announced that it had not closed its doors to their ex-star player returning.