Missing Money Not Funny

(Jaen province) Hundreds of local people from the hamlet that has grown up around the Linares-Baeza railway station, woke up one morning to find their bank accounts empty. As the news spread, more and more cases were being reported.

Before long crowds were hammering on the door of the local BBK-Cajasur branch to find out where their savings – most of it in long-term deposits – had gone.

The accusative finger was pointed at the manager of the bank, who had held the post for 25 years and is the son of the previous manager.

A head-office spokesman attempted to calm fears, pointing out that all savings were guaranteed. The Mayor of this small village, Jose Luis Martinez, says he has no idea just how many people have been affected nor how much, collectively, is missing. He was told by the bank head office that it could take three weeks to find out the amount involved.

The Mayor also defended the bank manager, whom he described as a ‘hard worker, good person and somebody who has always gone out of his way to help his fellow villagers.’ The Mayor also considers that the ‘social scandal’ is probably greater than the amounts involved warrant.


(News: Estacion de Linares-Baeza, Jaen, Andalucia)

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