Help For Body Repatriation

Locals and businesses within Motril have been moving heaven and earth to raise funds so that the body of Romanian, child, Andrei, could be repatriated for burial. The parents lacked the funds themselves to bring their son’s body home for a family burial but the plight of the 11-year-old boy that succumbed to cancer on the 23rd of May moved Motril.

The parents needed 3,000 euros to fly the coffin back; something that is a long way outside their economical capability.

It was the boy’s aunt, Elena Simona Pascaru, resident in Motril, who offered to take her nephew in here in Spain, so that he could get better medical treatment. The lad, who had been receiving treatment in Granada’s Virgen de las Nieves, died on the operating table in Málaga’s Carlos Haya.

The aunt approached friends in Motril for help and before long word got round and a movement developed to help raise funds. Collection boxes sprang up all over town, in shops, gasoline stations, bars and banks.

The Romanian Embassy was approached, but according to the campaign organisers, help was refused. However, even the Town Hall has pitched in, placing a collection box with the building, urging town-hall workers to donate.

Furthermore, the Town Hall investigated the story to confirm its authenticity and subsequently vouched for it.

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