Beach Eaten… Again

The winter & spring gales have wrought havock, yet again, on Motril’s beaches east of the river; i.e., Playa Granada.

Last November the Government spent 430,000 euros lorrying in sand – something the river itself used to do for free before it was dammed up above Vélez Benaudalla (Rules).

One look at the beach at the end of May would have taken in a scene of desolation – there was not beach, just a 1-metre shelf at the waterline. However, it is the beach that is popularly known as the ‘German Beach,’ (La Playa de los Alemanes), right in front of Hotel Robinson, that bore the brunt of the sea’s hunger.

The manager of the hotel, Holger Reinshagen, laments that although their brouchers speaks of ‘a virgin beach’ in front of the building, there doesn’t actually appear to be any beach at all. The trouble is, the hotel would be quite happy to get a tractor out to sort it out themselves, at their own expense, but they are not allowed to touch it – as it is Costa’s jealous responsibility.

So, 71,000 cubic metres of sand literally disappeared into the sea, virtually only two weeks after the beach regeneration work concluded. *Sigh!*

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