New Bus Company

The Motril urban bus service will change hands at the beginning of next year; a change that will incorporate three new bus routes.

The first urban bus service began just over 20 years ago and a lot of things have changed since then – the extension of the town, for one thing. The present holder of the licence has been sanctioned a number of times for repeated failings, amongst them poor time keeping, the vehicles being uncomfortable and a distinct lack of functioning air conditioning.

“We carried out a survey amongst bus users and it was apparent that a better service was needed,” explained the Delegate for Municipal Transport, Antonio Pérez.
The Town Hall has issued the specifications for the concession, which will commence from the 2nd of January, but so far no aspirant company has been selected. The new concession holder must provide three buses to cover routes for the whole town, as well as out-flung dependencies, and also another bus, which can be no older than five years, as a reserve.

The Circle Service will cover a total of eight kilometres, taking 40 minutes, running along Avenida de Salobreña, Camino de las Cañas, Avenida Martín Cuevas, passing by the hospital to return via the Ronda de Poniente to the Al Campo roundabout and then back to Avenida de Salobreña and onto La Matraquilla, Ronda del Mediodia, the muncipal swimming pool and the original point of departure.

As I would be forced to slash my own wrists to explain the rest of the routes and timetables, I shall leave it there…

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