Partying in December

The early-December bank holiday went reasonably well, according to hotel occupation figures, which recorded 90% occupation rate.
El Puente de la Constitución (6th – 8th December) is always the first indication of winter tourism, so these positive figures were received with relief, even though not all hoteliers probably had to beat back tourists with a stick, undoubtedly.

Órgiva held the III Jornadas Interculturales on the 6th, which included model aeroplane exhibitions, dancing, international gastronomy, as well as painting, sculpture and music exhibitions. There was even Jazz, Bossanova and Blues live music.

Down in Mecina Bombarón they slaughtered a pig or two, which always cheers the locals up, although the average local pig doesn’t have the 5th of December marked off in its ‘fun-things- to-remember’ calendar, admittedly.

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