Mayoress Slams Mancomunidad

Mind you, Mary the White (, María Ángeles Blanco, Mayoress of Órgiva), also does a nifty line in criticism, as well as praise, as the Mayor of Motril, Carlos Rojas, well knows.

She blames him, in his capacity as Chairman of the Mancomunidad (local area council) for Olías and Fregenite’s lack of water, or better said, their not being connected to the mains water reservoir, located in the Contraviesa.

“Work concluded three months ago but the Mancomunidad de la Costa has still not informed us where we should link up to,” she complained.

Of course, she’s miffed because the Órgiva Town Hall has coughed up 270,000 euros to provide drinking water for its two municipal dependencies; Fregenite and Olías, to receive drinking water via the nearby reservoir, which in turn is fed by the Río Trevélez.

So there you have it: Carlos, best you get your finger out or Mary will have your unmentionables on a plate!

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