Mayor Opens New Junctions

Something thing that can be confirmed, verified and proven is that the Mayor turned up in the village on several occasions during October to attend the inauguration ceremonies for the new roundabout at the top of the Espinar road, the roundabouts and new tarmac surface up at San Antonio, and finally the improvements and resurfacing of the San José square.
I attended the Espinar inauguration, and managed to get a few snaps of the Mayor, who looked tanned and relaxed in a little pink open neck number. He spoke at length about the efforts made by the Residents Association, who have been pestering the Town Hall for many years for such a road plan, and whilst also praising the speed and skill of the surveyors, and workmen, he reserved special praise for Mamen Garcia, who, as head of the Residents Association, spoke only briefly about her relief and gratitude that the wishes of the local community had finally been heard.
The simple addition of the bridge with the roundabout on top makes access to Rambla del Espinar easier and safer. The issue had always been that very narrow roads service this old area of the village. Also, it appeared that everyone in Andalucia seemed to park on these roads, just to make it even more difficult to negotiate. But, with the one-way system and new roundabout, it does seem to make the almost inaccessible area at the very top much easier to access and leave.
The very modest Mamen Garcia said, “Some have said that the campaign was all my doing, but the reality is that it was the joint efforts of all in the Association that pushed for this to happen”. I’m not so sure about that, as from what I’ve heard, the quiet little lady rattled the bars of some Ayuntamiento cages louder and harder than some politicians, and while Sr. Benavides wore his usual winning smile as he gave Mamen a big cuddle and a kiss or two, I’m sure a saw a fleeting moment of fear in his eyes. Good for you Mamen!

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