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Roadwork Grumbles

MOT Calle Comedias Eternal Roadworks

The Motril opposition party, Centrados en Motril has expressed its concern over the problems caused to residents by seemingly eternal roadworks.

Roundabout Work Begins

MOT Western N340 entrance

Work has reportedly begun on Motril’s most western entrance from the N-340 which will produce a roundabout instead of the present T-junction arrangement.

Paseo Road Closed

ALM Paseo Moreno

The Town Hall announced, with very little notice, that the Paseo Prieto Moreno along Almuñécar’s seafront is closed to traffic from yesterday to Thursday.

Paseo de La China Gorda

ALM Paseo China Gorda

Almuñécar intends to extend the ‘look’ of the Paseo de San Cristóbal’ further along westwards by adapting the Paseo de La China Gorda to the same design.