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Biker Dragged by Car

By Hugh MacArthur

There was a traffic accident in Motril yesterday resulting in a biker being knocked off his bike on the main roundabout next to the church. In other words, a distance of around five metres »

Lorry Suffers Blowout on N-340

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar fire service were out yesterday morning trying to get a lorry back onto the road after suffering a front-tyre blowout. »

A Roundabout Punch Up

By Hugh MacArthur

A driver had to be treated in hospital, not because of a road accident, but because a pedestrian repeatedly thumped him through his open window. »

Proposed Round-About Access

By Martin Myall

The independent Motril Councillor, David Martín, will propose a motion for the next Plenary Meeting concerning road-about access to the town. »

Motril Road Closure

By Martin Myall

And it's fun time in Motril because Avenida de Salobreña will be closed at the top end near the old multi-cinema... for a month. »

The Anchor & The Roundabout

By Martin Myall

Almuñécar's San Cristóbal road now has its latest roundabout adorned with a 2-tonne anchor, donated by Carbonell S.L. »

Altillo Reopened to Traffic

By Vivienne Hughes

So, Almuñécar's Paseo del Altillo road is now open again; thank God! The Mayor and the Municipal Surveyor inspected the finished job yesterday afternoon. »

The Magic Roundabout

By Hugh MacArthur

The Traffic Department in Soria received a call at six one morning to say that a car was going round and round a roundabout... in the wrong direction. »

Is It Really Necessary?

By Hugh MacArthur

Virtually a year ago the PSOE opposition party in Almulñecar said that the Paseo del Altillo needed to be sorted out but not the way the Mayor intended to. »

Worse Junction in Salobreña

By Martin Myall

No matter how many times you take the backroad from Molvízar to Salobreña, coming in at the industrial estate, the junction is annoyingly confusing. »

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