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Patrol Car Collision

By Vivienne Hughes

A patrol car rushing to the scene of possible domestic violence incident collided with another car, resulting in six people being injured. »

Alfa Mar Accident

By Martin Myall

Gazette reader, who lives above the Alfa Mar junction on the Salobreña/Almuñecar municipal border, informs us that there has been an accident resulting in a car leaving the road. »

Traffic Accident & Hill Fire

By Martin Myall

There was a traffic accident on the main P-4 junction on the N-340 yesterday involving two cars. The incident occurred around noon yesterday when a car travelling east in the Motril direction failed to stop at the lights and hit the other car that was crossing over the junction, with the lights in its... »

Worse Junction in Salobreña

By Martin Myall

No matter how many times you take the backroad from Molvízar to Salobreña, coming in at the industrial estate, the junction is annoyingly confusing. »

Salobreña Road Accident

By Vivienne Hughes

Just after midday yesterday, Thursday the 14th, there was a collision between a car and a scooter in Salobreña resulting in the rider being injured. »

Almuñécar Street Works III

By Martin Myall

This week saw the commencement of roadwork activity in front of Apartamentos Chinasol at the western end of Playa San Cristóbal in Almuñécar. »

Car Burns out above La Herradura

By Hugh MacArthur

A people-carrier-type car (monovolumen) caught on fire and was completed burn out, thanks to a fire under the bonnet; nobody was hurt. »

Roundabout for Town Centre

By Editor

You will have noticed that something is going on along the main drag (Avda. Juan Carlos) between the bus station and the beach! Yes, the crossroads where the P-4 road from Mercandona cuts across it is being changed into a roundabout! »

Mayor Opens New Junctions

By David Darby

Mayor turns up in La Herradura to open new road systems. »

It’s Here

By David Darby

For Almuñécar the road-borne misery is over... or is it? This summer, the Taramay roundabout could be very congested, with cars coming off the autovía to join the N-340 and meeting heavy traffic coming from Salobreña - normally in the form of tailbacks. »

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