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The Coffin Scandal

By Hugh MacArthur

More arrests were made on Thursday the 21st of last month over the case of the Coffin Scandal in Valladolid; a sordid case of coffin substitutions. »

Booby-Trapped Food for Pets

By Vivienne Hughes

At the end of summer last year the police alerted people to the fact that booby-trapped food was being left for pets in parks in several cities across the country. »

10-Year-Old Prostituted

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil in Valladolid handed a 10-year-old girl over into the care of a children's home as they suspected that she was being prostituted. »

Almuñécar in National Race

By Vivienne Hughes

Almuñécar, competition cyclist, Yasmina Boto Medina, who is a member of the Club Ciclista Almuñécar, will be competing in the Spanish National Championships. »

English Teacher Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

Police in Valladolid have arrested an English teacher of British nationality for having stored on his computer and distributed child pornography via internet. »

Pepper Sprayed In-Laws

By Martin Myall

Admit it; you've dreamed of pepper-spraying your mother-in-law but whilst you've kept you vengeful fantasies at bay, and man from Valladolid did exactly that. »

Bishop Denounces Incitement to Fornicate in Classrooms

By Martin Myall

The bishop's stance is startling in itself but perhaps the headline is misleading: he's not complaining that pupils are encouraged to fornicate whilst in their classrooms, but that what is imparted during their classes encourages them to fornicate in general. »

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