The Coffin Scandal

SPN The Coffin ScandalMore arrests were made on Thursday the 21st of last month over the case of the Coffin Scandal in Valladolid; a sordid case of coffin substitutions.

All told 26 people have been arrested, most of them from the El Salvador funeral parlour/crematorium that has been carrying out cremations for the last 20 years.

The scandal came to light at the beginning of last month when it became known that the crematorium had been substituting expensive coffins for very cheap ones, or in some cases, no coffin at all, once the mourners had seen the coffin of their love ones disappear from view.

Thus the ‘recuperated’ expensive coffins were cleaned and put back up for sale again.

Amongst those arrested are the crematorium owner and his two adult children. The father, Ignacio M. has been denied bail, whereas a son and daughter can obtain bail if he pays 800,000 euros, and she pays 400,000.

The latest nine arrests are people considered responsible in differing degrees with this fraudulent operation.

As far as the bereaved families go, over 300 reports (denuncias) have been lodged with the Policía Nacional in Valladolid.

The law court has ordered an investigation to ascertain the estimated percentage of the 6,000 coffins sold by Grupo Funerario El Salvador between 1995 and 2015 were fraudulently recycled.

(News: Valladolid, Castilla-Leon)

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