Booby-Trapped Food for Pets

SPN Needles an ChiuauasAt the end of summer last year the police alerted people to the fact that booby-trapped food was being left for pets in parks in several cities across the country.

Morsels of food containing long needles and other lethal objects have been found in parks in Madrid, Toledo and Valladolid, all around the same time.

On social media a vet posted a photo of a sausage with a nail in it that he had removed from a dog’s stomach – the animal survived the ordeal.

More recently such booby traps have been found in city of Granada; on the 29th of November a young lad reported to the police that he had found sausages with several needles in each of them, in the Parque Nueva.

Thanks to the modifications to the Penal Law Code in 2015, cases of cruelty to animals receive much stiffer sentences than before. They range  between three-month and one-year, suspended sentences in the case of first offences, where injuries occur or where sick animals are denied inadequate veterinary assistance. In the case of death, the sentences range between six and 18 months and a prohibition from owning animals during two to four years.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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