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Posting Car Photos Online

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil has warned against posting photos of your car, where you can see the number plate, on social media and car-sale sites. »

The Business of Traffic Fines

By Vivienne Hughes

A national daily stated that Almuñécar had racked in more than a million euros in traffic fines - the Town Hall denies this. »

Stop Fining Tourists

By Hugh MacArthur

What is the best way to drive tourists away? Fine the hell out of them, of course! And therein lies the problem in the city of Granada. »

The Police, The Mayor and Fines

By Martin Myall

The Albuñol Policia Local, all six of them, are upset with the ex-Mayor, whom they accuse of placing and removing fines as it takes his fancy... is nothing sacred! in fact, they have denounced him for it. »

Tougher Speeding Measures

By Hugh MacArthur

The General Traffic Department has made the fining margins on speed limits narrower; i.e. the amount surpassed over the limit before fining takes place. »

Sneaky Fines?

By Martin Myall

The Motril Town Hall has reissued 14,000 old traffic fines with the hope of filling the municipal coffers... but is it kosher? The municipal opposition parties don't seem to think so. »

Penalized for not Fining Enough

By Martin Myall

The workers union for the Guardia Civil, the AUGC, will be compensating policemen who refuse to complete a monthly fining quota. »

Insufficient Fine Income

By Martin Myall

We know; it's enough to make you weep, but the City Hall of Granada has only received about a fifth of what it hoped to grab through fines. As this was a projected "income" in the 2012 budget, they are having trouble with the books. »

The Multa Trap

By Gazette Reader

The dangers of not receiving fine and other 'notificationes' (warnings) whilst you are out of the country »

Another Fine Mess

By Martin Myall

The City Hall of Granada is set to take less than half of the amount that they hoped to rake in through traffic fines; the 2011 budget had made provisions for an income of 14 million euros, whereas it 'only' saw 6.7m. »

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