Traffic Fine Email Scam

There's yet another online scam going around, this time in the form of a traffic-fine notification via email with the aim of harvesting your info.

SPN Bulo FinesThe Traffic Department (DGT) points out that they never notify anybody about pending fines via email – and this goes for the Policía Nacional, too.

These cyber villains send out phishing emails, made to look as if they have come from the Guardia Civil (DGT), saying that there is an outstanding fine to be paid. The aim is to harvest personal information, such as bank-account details from the unwary, who would soon find their account empty.

The email reads: “Se ha identificado en nuestro sistema una multa no pagada dirigida a usted o a su vehículo.”

The important thing not to do is click on the link to “consult fine details” – just put it directly in the spam folder or simply delete it without opening it.

The DGT only sends fine notification by registered post.

(News: Spain)

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