Tougher Speeding Measures

AND Speeding Van 02 OnLThe General Traffic Department has made the fine margins on speed limits narrower; i.e. the amount surpassed over the limit before a fine takes place.

Every driver has his own idea of how far he ‘can push the limit’ and get away with it; most of it is wishful thinking, but now it is better to keep below the limit, full stop.

The ‘tolerance’ margins are the following: basically, the 30, 50, 70 and 90-kph limits now allow you an extra 8-kph margin, whereas the 100-kph limit stretches to 109 kph and the top limit, 120 kph, allows you an extra 11-kph on top; 131 kph.

What’s the reason behind it? Few would doubt that it is about filling the coffers, after all,the DGT rakes in 3.3m euros a month across Spain in fines and in the first six months of this year a tidy 20.1m euros.

As far as Granada goes, which is the Andalusian province with the fewest fixed radars, the DGT took 4.1m euros between January and July.

Finally, the reason that these ‘tolerance margins’ exist is more about the accuracy of the radar equipment and being able to make a fine stick, rather than a courtesy allowance.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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