Posting Car Photos Online

SPN Number Plate ForgeryThe Guardia Civil has warned against posting photos of your car, where you can see the number plate, on social media and car-sale sites.

Take the case of a man in Cantabria who was receiving fine notifications for traffic offenses in Madrid for a car of the same make and colour as his own… and with forged number plates matching his own – he had made the mistake of posting a photo online…

The Grupo de Investigación y Análisis de Tráfico (GIAT), who were investigating the case, drew the conclusion that the victim had advertised the sale of his car on several Internet websites. Furthermore the other vehicle that had ‘usurped’ his number plate was a stolen vehicle.

The Guardia Civil in Cantabria teamed up with their colleagues in Madrid, which resulted in a man suspected of being behind the deception being arrested. The doppelganger car had been stolen from a car-rental company.

(News: Cantabria)

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