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Latest on Nerja EDAR

NRJ Roundabout in front of Sewage EDAR

The Nerja sewage-treatment plant is in the midst undergoing its trials, which began in October – you’d probably not want to ponder on what that entails.

Axarquia Round-Up

NRJ Sewage Treatment Plant 05:17

Money has been alloted for the improvement of the back road that links Frigiliana to Torrox. Things are happening in Nerja concerning the sewage treatment plant, as well.

Sewage Blockage

The title refers to an administrative blockage in the new Nerja sewage recycling plant, with the result that the system is going nowhere, nor is it likely to anytime soon.

Sewage Treatment Woes

NRJ Sewage Treatment Plant 05:17

Yes, we’re obviously talking about Nerja, whose new sewage-treatment-plant work must be going faster than light… as its going backwards – just joking.