Progress on Nerja Sewage Plant

nrj-sewage-plant-onlThe Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica has earmarked just over 2,000,000 euros for the completion of the Nerja sewage-treatment plant.

This is not only welcome news for the residents of, and visitors to, Nerja, but also residents of neighbouring towns for obvious reasons. The fact is that once Nerja’s plant is finished the whole of the Costa del Sol will finally have transitioned to sewage-treatment & recycling rather than just pumping it into the sea.

The original project had a budget of 23m euros when it was put up for bidding in 2013, with work actually commencing in 2014 with a construction-work duration of 30 months, but that was five years ago.

Hell, the Egyptians could knock up a full-scale pyramid using Legoland bricks and monkey spit in that time! But I digress…

We won’t go into the reasons for the delay again but simply point out that the Estación Depuradora de Aguas Residuales (EDAR) is 90% complete at the moment. The extra money is to cover the project modifications, which are required to complete the task.

The Central Government, whose responsibility it is to finance and build the installations, said that the Junta is sorting out the mains-electricity-connection permits.

So, as we now have sufficient funding, do we know the completion date? Nope! Not a sausage, so stay tuned!

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  2 comments for “Progress on Nerja Sewage Plant

  1. May 12, 2019 at 7:56 am

    Yes, we have mentioned the outlet pipes (there are more than one) at the end of the second paragraph. However, you can also read here:

  2. Martin500
    May 12, 2019 at 12:01 am

    No mention of the outfall pipe then?

    That is a significant project which requires part of the beach to be closed, so next winter possibly.

    In the meantime what is flushed away returns to the beach, lovely

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