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Slow Junta over Riverbeds

By Hugh MacArthur

Almuñécar has been onto the Environmental Department of the Junta, yet again, for permission to clear the overgrown riverbeds itself. »

Junta Ignores Almuñécar?

By Martin Myall

(TES) Almuñécar isn’t a happy bunny over the riverbed clearing operations because, they consider, the Junta has been ignoring them. »

Salobreña Barranco Clearing

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña has been clearing its riverbed and barrancos of vegetation, too, because summers & early autumns are propense to sudden downpours in this Andalusian climate. »

Junta’s Rambla Clearing

By Martin Myall

Before the week is out, the Junta de Andalucia has promised to start clearing out the storm beds, riverbeds and gullies along the Costa Tropical. »

Flooding in the Centre of Motril

By Hugh MacArthur

The rainfall was not particularly violent or sustained, today in Motril, but recently modified Avenida de Andalucia was completely flooded. »

Almuñécar Riverbed Clearance

By Hugh MacArthur

We are now at the end of summer, facing the the inevitable end-of-summer downpours, so the riverbeds are being cleared of vegetation. »

La Herradura On Track

By David Darby

The village of La Herradura has many miles, tracks and dry riverbeds spread through the village centre, housing estates and rural areas, all of which need continuous maintenance, especially after the investment of municipal funds and the help and support of the Construction Planning and Deputation department of the local government to get a... »

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