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Los Geraneos’ Solete

Restaurante Los Geraneos in Almuñécar has been awarded the only Repsol Solete on the whole of the Costa Tropical, for which they deserve an enhorabuena!

The Dodgy Butano Man Returns!

We have published several articles over the past few years about these ‘cold callers’ who wear clothing very similar to that worn by Repsol representatives and try to convince householders that they require a ‘gas safety check.’ They then have a quick look around your appliances, which is swiftly followed by a huge bill.

Watch Out for the Gasman!

Watch out for the gasman! This is an affair close to heart, as it has affected a dear friend, as it is also affecting many people who are unaware of how they stand regarding butane-gas-inspections. Read on.