Novelties in Salobreña

SAL Gasoline ServicesThe  Gasolinera Repsol in Salobreña, (the one next to Supersol) has incorporated two new services which might interest many locals.

For example, it has a locker area where customers can receive goods ordered from Amazon, as well as a place from which they can be returned, for example if you are not happy with your purchase.

The other utility is something called a Supercor Stop&Go, the first one to be installed in the whole of the country.

This system is as if El Corte Inglés had opened up in town. It is, in effect, a mini outlet for products belonging to this department-store chain. Obviously, space is limited, which in turn limits the range and quantity of goods on display.

You’ve probably noticed if you have filled up there or simply driven by that they have been carrying out building work there. This was because to be eligible for these installations, they had to meet minimum space requirements.

Returning to the Amazon, locker facilities, it’s a type of automated post office. To be able to withdraw your goods, you need to print out a barcode that Amazon provides when you make a purchase.

This is perfect for somebody who is on holiday or just passing through; in other words, somebody who does not have a permanent delivery address there. It’s even a great idea for those that do live in Salobreña but who are invariably not in when deliveries arrive.

What the garage has long been known for (besides fuel) is the self-service laundromat; i.e., automatic laundry facility.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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