Los Geraneos’ Solete

Restaurante Los Geraneos in Almuñécar has been awarded the only Repsol Solete on the whole of the Costa Tropical, for which they deserve an enhorabuena!

PP Los GeraneosSo, what is a Solete? The Guía Repsol has created a new category called the Solete, which is an award given to those establishment that possess something special, whether it’s a bar, chiringuito, ice-cream parlour, cafeteria or whatever.

In other words, they’re not chosen because they represent the haute cuisine but because they possess something about them that draws in regular customers as it is somewhere special for them – it’s got personality, in short.
In the words of Repsol, “those charming spots that have a no sé que that makes you go back time and time again.”
They’re establishments that you recommend to your friends and take guests spending a few days with you to somewhere you know they won’t be disappointed.

GRA SoleteLos Soletes are awarded by gastronomic experts all over the country. They don’t only use their personal experience to guide them in their assessment but also take into account how customers feel by observing them and just how popular these establishments are. The ‘inspectors’ by the way turn up without letting on that they’re coming and leave again unannounced.

In the case of Eladio, he hadn’t even realised that he had received a visit until he received a ‘congratulations’ from them in the post.

So far there are 1,000 Solete recipients spread over 50 Spanish provinces and Restaurante Los Geraneos is one of them!

(News/Business: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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