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Carrington Builders & Decorators

Well after spending a lovely warm couple of months lazing around enjoying idle chit chat with your friends and family, discussing the improvements you would like to make on your home, why not give Bob Carrington a call and get a quote for the work.

Car Park Building Alterations

Work on what was Parking Leo (under the municipal market) has begun, with al budget of 740,041 euros. The underground car park – which was the first ever to be built in Almuñécar – is now run by the Motril-based construction company, Hermanos García.

New Criminal Law

On the 23rd December 2010, the new reformed Penal Code will come into force. The new modifications are designed to provide new devices for fighting town planning and organised crime.

Grupo PMJ

If you are located in the Almuñécar or La Herradura area and are in need of assistance with construction, maintenance or any type of reformation of your home, (painting, electrical work, bricklaying/masonry and so on), Grupo PMJ is the business to contact.

Swimming Pool Renovations

It’s time to congratulate what is actually a really great facility for getting underway with installing an impressive 84 solar panels on the roof to heat the water and control climatisation.