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Cortijo Rubbish Controversy


The fact that cortijo owners in the Motril area will have to pay 3-years’ back-tax for rubbish collection, as well as this year’s, has the opposition party PP up in arms.

New Recycling Bins

La Herradura and Velilla are to get new glass-recycling bins, thanks to an agreement struck between the Town Hall and a glass-recycling company, Ecovidrio. The Councillor for the Environment, Luis Aragón, said that collection points for paper and plastic will be next. With these new containers, the total for the whole municipality (La Herradura and…

Missing Fruit Crates

Come on! admit it; who hasn’t got a plastic fruit crate amongst their possessions, being very handy boxes in which to store things? Well, quite a few readers will probably be nodding.