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Two Police Stories

Over on Palma Majorca a policeman belonging to the Policía Naional was injured when Nigerian gentleman struck him on the back with a machete, which isn’t recommended, but he was wearing an anti-stab vest, which is recommended. Meanwhile, over in Madrid, a man has been arrested for allegedly murdering a policewoman.

Informative Lapse

The Policia Nacional had to intervene to prevent a couple from beating the living daylights out of each other… and all this before the eyes of the new girlfriend of the man. The police, after arresting them, took them round to the hospital to get patched up.

Law Courts Cordoned Off

he Almuñécar law courts were cordoned off with a heavy Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil presence. This extra security was in place for the transfer of six people that had been arrested in party of the anti-drugs, police operation, Operacion Pozo.

Best Not Annoyed

A woman was arrested by the Policía Nacional for assaulting her boyfriend with her telephone. It was only when she knocked him out with a blow to he back of the neck, rendering him unconscious, that she decided to call it a day and phone 091 for help.

Seven Arrested in Drug Bust

The Policia Nacional arrested seven people, the majority of whom are from Almuñécar, in an anti-drugs police operation carried out in this coastal town. Some of those arrested belong to the same family.

La Herradura Arrests

The Policía Nacional have arrested three Romanians in La Herradura as alleged members of a forgery network, dealing in forged bank notes and identity documents.

Mummified Corpse in Sleeping Bag

The Policia Nacional are investigating the grisly discovery of a mummified and partly dismembered corpse that was found in a sleeping bag at the bottom of a barranco in Mijas.

Police Station Chaos in Andújar

On the 14th of September 2009, the Policia Nacional in Andújar received a new boss, Jose Mariano Olivares. The Chief of the provincial headquarters had personally appointed him, which raised more than a few eyebrows.

Serial Killer Caught?

The man who was arrested in the province of Malaga for the murder of two women could be a serial killer with other victims.