Pizza Delivery Hold-Ups

MOT Pizza Delivery Hold UpsThe Policía Nacional in Motril arrested two young men accused of carrying out several muggings within the town, targeting pizza deliveries.

The two men allegedly ‘held up’ the fast-food delivery riders using intimidation to force them to hand over the money collected from  customers.

Police investigations began at the end of February when they received the first complaint from a delivery rider, saying that he had been ‘relieved’ of his takings and the food that he was transporting.

During the following month four more muggings were carried out and reported to the police, mainly pizza deliveries. All of the assaults took place between 21.30h and 23.30h.

The modus operandi was for the villains to make a call to order food, arranging for it to be delivered on different streets each time – the delivery riders never made it to the door of the address given before being waylaid.

The police decided to carry out patrols during that time frame and finally arrested two Spanish males on the 20th of March, accused of being behind the five muggings. Since then the police have been trying to locate their accomplices, who have gone to ground.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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